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Buxton & District Land Rover Club 

Annual General Meeting 06/04/13

The Buckingham Hotel Buxton 

Welcome and Chairman’s report

21 people attended the meeting – including the Committee.                                                        Apologies from Paul Morris and James Hunter

Phil welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending, he then gave a review of 2013 events.

There had been a good program of events over the last year, this was slightly down on the previous year, but there had been 1 less trial from previous years. Also the loss of the quarry had some effect.  It was noted that other clubs are struggling, some unable to keep events going. Phil thanked the Trials Team for their work. There had been fewer members attending trials on Bank Holiday weekends, so it had been decided to avoid these in the coming year. There are 5 Tyro’s and 9 Trials planned for this year.  The 2 already run have been well attended. The trials are now open to non-land rovers.

The Green Lane events are not really happening at the moment – there is an interest in taking part, but we are unable to find anyone prepared to run the events.  The JTV was not well attended, so was suspended.  There was a poor attendance at the Bonfire and this event may be dropped from this year’s events.  There was a good number at the Christmas Meal and Awards night; with members enjoying the more central location. The club also had a stand at Billing for a second year, the mini trials went well – getting a mention in LR Monthly.

Membership Secretary’s Report

Vee said that there were 80 members at the end of the Financial year, with this reduced to 66 members as of 1st April 2014.  The numbers are slowly reducing year on year.  Vee said that a Green Lane Officer would increase the membership – she has a lot of interest from people wanting to join the club if we run these events. 

Treasurer’s Report

Nicki had distributed copies of the accounts for members to read.  She said that the committee had worked hard to reduce the overheads, and that the Trials are on an even keel.   Nicki had managed to negotiate lower cost on directors insurance, and free banking – although she is not sure how long this will last, due to a change of policy at the banks.  The accounts also show the 3rd payment on the cost of the event shelter.

Nicki said that the aim is to try and keep the club running trials and hope that other activities will increase the club funds. The Bad News is now on line – saving on printing/postage – this was costing more than 50% of membership fees to distribute.   Anyone wanting a paper copy can request one from committee.

A vote was taken to donate the charity money raised at the Christmas Meal to Air Ambulance this year.

Brief Questions and Answers arising from Reports

No questions.

Election of the New Committee

Phil thanked all the committee for the last years work; Dave had sent a letter explaining that Phil has decided to stand down as Director and Chairman.  It was explained that there were now only 2 Directors and they would stand down unless another Director came forward, this would result in the club changing from a limited status to a standard club.  As a Limited Club the directors, committee and members were all limited to £1 if anyone was to sue the club, thus protecting everyone involved.  The MSA insurance cover also provides protection for its members.   The Club pays insurance to cover its Directors. The club want to find someone to run the JTV event and new storage for the JTV or it will be returned to the MSA. Members to help with the Tyro are also needed – there are very few people taking part in the Tyro, but this is a good event to encourage younger members to get involved in the club. A decision to be made at the next committee meeting as to whether the Tyro events will continue.  The club need someone to come forward to run the Green Laning – it was noted that the Government are trying to close most of the Green Lanes, there is a worry about who is responsible if the club take a party on lanes that they are unaware are no longer legal.  It was suggested that the club should stay as a ‘one event club’  ie – just trials.

Dave acknowledged the work done by Phil Hunter in the club and presented him with a card and gift. It was proposed that Phil Hunter be given a life membership to the club.

Rob White informed the meeting that there would be a 3rd Director – he didn’t state who this would be.

The Committee all stood down and a new committee was elected. 

The committee must have a Chairman and Treasurer, it was agreed that other positions should be decided at the first committee meeting.

Dave Theaker – Chairman                                                                                                                                       Nicki Theaker- Treasurer                                                                                                                                   General Committee – Vee Brindley, Nev Brindley, Matt Thompson, Joe Moss and Mitch Whiting.

Phil thanked everyone and a 15 minute interval for refreshments was taken.

Open Question and Answers

The committee proposed a Summer Social Event – possibly at Bull I’th Thorn.  The pub would provide a buffet meal, with the club subsidising the food cost by 50%.  It was suggested that this could be on the weekend of 11th July, when the trial is just down the road at Danny’s farm.

A member said that he had Emailed the general email address on 3 occasions, and although he got a general acknowledgment of his email – he didn’t get an actual reply – it was agreed that this needs addressing.

A request was made for another Saturday ‘night trial’ – not to be included in the trial results - just for fun. This would have to be in the winter for early dark nights.  There would have to be a cost to cover the MSA, but no trial costs, as these would be covered by the following day’s trial.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm