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Minutes of Buxton and District Land Rover Club




Sun 12th. April 2015.


Buckingham Hotel, Buxton


21 members present.






Chairman Dave Theaker welcomed all, and gave a summary of the Club’s year.


Christmas meal: an enjoyable and successful meal had at the Bull in t’ thorn. We will need a new venue next year and the Duke of York on the A515 has been suggested.


Trial and Tyro: A successful season in 2014. For 2015, 9 Trials, 6 Tyros and 1 Playday are planned. Green Laning has not been relaunched, as no-one has volunteered to lead a group. It is hoped this will resolve, and then we can offer Laning once again.  


Club Website: This is our communication vehicle for news and results, and this is to continue.




Vee Brindley reported the Club had 67 members at the end of December 2014. Now-April 2015-there are 78 members.




Nicki Theaker presented this, highlighting that the Club’s accounting year runs Jan-Dec.


The financial year was ended in a surplus of £1055.


We have 28 more Trialer members, and this therefore remains the Club’s core business and does need to be promoted.


Savings have been made by using the e-magazine.


NT continues to pursue the free banking we have enjoyed to now, however, as a limited company, exemption as a Community Group does not apply to us.


Bill Titley asked why the heading for Corporation Tax is present on the Account Summary sheet. NT confirmed this tax will not be applicable to the Club, and she will remove this from the summary sheet.



DT brought up the money raised from the Christmas Party Raffle. Some suggestion it could be used to provide free drinks at the party next year, but the majority felt it was money raised with charity in mind, and therefore should be used for either the Air ambulance or the First Responders group. A majority voted for the First Responders, the Wetton and Alstonefield group who service the Biggin Quarry area.




Bill Titley: Are the club pursuing people who have offered to run a Green Laning trip?


DT responded there has only been 1 member who has volunteered, and he has not attended events this year, so has been unable to follow up. DT will try to contact the member. Andy says he may have a contact interested-he will pass Dave his details.


Agreed that the club may need to consider paying for a guide to lead laning groups to allow this activity to continue.


James Hunter: Do the Club need to avoid profit-making to keep out of tax? NT responded that the Club does not qualify for taxation.


ELECTION OF COMMITTEE:   ***see below***


DT made an offer for anyone interested in a committee position to come forward . Could do with a vice-chairman, and another committee member. No responses. Proposed to advertise on the website for a vacancy for a committee member.


Existing committee members all agreed to stand for re-election for the next year.


All re-elected.


Dave Theaker-chairman


Nicki Theaker-treasurer


Vee Brindley-membership secretary


Nev Brindley-scrutineer and photographer


Matt Thompson-MSA and site co-ordinator


Nic White-secretary


Mitch Whiting-general member


Joe Moss-general member






***Danny Riley contacted Dave Mercer during the interval. Dave is keen to consider a position of vice-chairman. DT will contact him and confirm any appointment in due course.***


Bill Titley: queried the time of the AGM, but agreed that this time has yielded a good attendance today.


Mick Muir/Rob White: asking for clarification of TYRO age and noted limited numbers of participants. Mike stated that he does TYRO, and found it clear on the website that it is for any age driver over 13. Talk of promoting this further. Matt Thompson says he will contact the car club who had asked if they might join our TYRO events.



Joe Moss: asking if the ruling of setting up a trial as an entry requirement for the Trials championship still applies?


DT stated this is hard to enforce, but was to try to spread the job of setting up among participants. More help with this still needed, to relieve the few regular course-setters.


Alastair Moss: asking if the officials draw should now apply to all trialers, as we are now self-marshalling?


DT stated the need for officials still exists, and the draw is a good reward for these non-trialing volunteers.


Danny Riley: suggested setting up differently, with the course builder not driving their own built course.


Some further discussion on this to be had.


Sam Brough/Alastair Moss: asking if a new class could be set for ‘Supermods’, as the gap in vehicle capability is so great now in class 2? DT responded this should be discussed at committee level.


Phil Hunter: asking re:playday-can the access at the Quarry be improved ready for caravan access?


DT responded he has had difficulty contacting the landowner for permission for this: he will persist, then plan for Nev to use Danny’s digger to level up the site for a better parking area.


Nic White: asking why we are using fewer sites, and going to 3 same sites twice this season? DT and MT stating some sites have been withdrawn from our use, others are felt to be too expensive. Some discussion on whether we could use some dearer sites. New sites still needed-all members please to let DT or MT know of any suitable sites.


Mick Muir: suggesting we should seek sponsorship for events to help offset site costs. DT suggests Mick asks suppliers he knows to contribute, and check responses.


Bill Titley: suggests we raise our BAD banner at sites on event weekends for increasing publicity. DT agreed to do this.


Alastair Moss: suggests we use the club stickers to raise publicity-Vee to issue with new membership/renewals.


Zoe Riley: Why isn’t the club raising publicity on Facebook? DT /MT responding that this requires considerable maintenance to keep up to date. Zoe asked MT if she could help-both agreed this would be beneficial-Zoe will re-launch and maintain Facebook.


DT thanked all attendees. Closed meeting at 8.50pm.


Forthcoming Events

No events