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Vee Brindley (VB), Nev Brindley, (NB) Phil Hunter (PH),

Dave Theaker DT), Nicki Theaker (NT)


James Hunter (JH)  Matt Thompson (MT)

Matters Arising from previous minutes:

Section 33 – Mowcop should not have read as OK as still needs clarifying re use of the footpath area under section 33. MT/PH investigating. 

Financial position - NT advised the accountant had recommended that we show a pre-payment for the existing stock of stamps (£70). This has been agreed & amended in the club records.

First Aid Box – out of date contents still to be clarified NT, but she feels from discussions at her work that the answer is they have to be replaced.

Minutes agreed.

Communications & other events

PH relayed feedback from MT from several outstanding web/paypal issues :

$11)    Committee email – If press reply only replies to sender not everyone, as did previously, so need to choose ‘reply to all’. This has happened due to a technical change by 1&1 

$12)    Paypal – still no membership form being sent to Vee if option chosen as new member, a programmer at 1&1 is working to resolve this issue.

$13)    Bank A/c – change to new details. MT saying paypal won’t let him change. Why - when no issue with last change. NT will contact paypal to try & establish details of issue.

$14)    MSA paperwork - coming to Vee, possibly as she is listed as the trials secretary. MT is trying to amend. If we amended the legal status of the club, Simon Fowler confirmed  we only have to advise the MSA of our change of name i.e from BADLRC Ltd to just BADLRC, as before. Also confirmed officials must sign on for each day they are officiating. 

Access to MSA Website for DT & VB – this is required to print off permits as at present can’t access latest year on our website. MT to be advised. 

AGM – The agreed date of 6th April 2014, 6.00pm – 7.30pm in the Cavendish Room at the Buckingham Hotel, will be reminded to members by txt & mail chimp (PH). Format as 2013, ideally we need to elect a chairman & treasurer with 6/7 other members & roles can be agreed at first meeting. Agreed a mini sale of club items with reduction to £8 for sweatshirts & £4 for T shirts, other items were deemed to be cheap enough, as we have never intended to make money on the shop stock, as for members. NT will also ask for vote on where to send xmas raffle donation.

Summer Social – VB & NB visited Bull’i thorn to check out food options/ cost/ use of function room & a couple of suggested dates 22/6 & 29/6. Mick can accommodate whatever we want. Idea will be put to AGM to canvas feedback. Agreed would subsidise the food, possibly 50%, but members to book & pay a proportion to reserve their place & commit to attending.  

Club Status

Directors – DT & VB re-iterated that they would feel more comfortable if there were at least 3 directors on the board; you don’t have to be on the committee to be a director and officially only 1 directors meeting is required per year. DT will ring our ANWCC contact to discuss the benefits of the club status being a limited company; the obvious one being that ordinary members are limited to £1 liability for club actions. The MSA are still trying to push more clubs to become limited. If answers not forthcoming, committee agreed to pay for some legal advice for DT&VB if they wanted to seek this out.

 MSA Membership versus looking for own Insurance – this was discussed and it was felt unlikely we would be able to obtain / afford adequate cover for competitive trials. The MSA also affords the club a source of information, expertise and event insurance cover as well as a good basis to establish rules and safe practices for members participating in events.

Events 2014

Sites – confirmed all sites except October. Status of Hartington Quarry still not fully established. NT has produced a list of updated contacts for our regularly used sites.

Section 33 – MT has contacted council re Rob’s land

Tyros – although attendance is low it is still felt we should try to keep these going as it does offer another option for young or new drivers to get involved with the club. DT will canvas opinion at the AGM

Greenlaning (GL) – VB advised some potential new members not joining as only interested in GL. A couple of younger members have expressed interest in this DT will follow up.

Financial update

Financial position – Start of year has been pleasing with the first two trials above 2013 attendance. . Free banking found with RBS will show a positive saving in 2014. PH thanked NT for detailed work on accounts and for much time spent on sorting out new Bank A/c.  

Directors Liability Insurance – this has been renewed. The cost is £60 more than 2013, as we were not charged brokers fees in 2013 as a gesture of goodwill, due to the delays & issues at the insurance brokers.

2013 Accounts. Final figure £600 deficit – mainly due to release of final accrual for shelter & late expense claim for Billing expenses – there was an issue with the sponsors promised contributions which meant some expenses were paid from club funds. Billing has generated a few new members and we have received good press both at the event & in published articles. Accountant figures now completed and ratified by committee. PH has signed on behalf of the Directors.

Equipment (AOB)

Storage – JTV currently with Alastair Moss (AM) can no longer store so needs a new home. AM advised DT that a 20ft container at Harpur Hill costs £20pw. We will launch an appeal to members to see if they can help.

PH will check with CB re what he is currently storing and if he is intending to go to Billing


Date of next meeting 

To be confirmed with new committee after AGM on 6th April