BADLRC hold a series of trials at various venues throughout the year. Vehicles compete in several classes and the events form part of a closed club trials championship. It is a requirement that all competitors have read and understood the following documents in PDF format using the links below. These events will be open to a number of invited MSA clubs as non-championship events. 

The Entry fee for trials during 2017 will be £20, Please note there will be a £5 per unit per night camping fee.

The three documents detailed below have been produced inline with the current MSA regulations imposed on the club for Cross Country Trials. Which documents you need to focus your attention to depends on the basis that you intend to enter our trials.

Please note that only the documents downloaded from this website are regulationary valid for 2017. And have the most up to date version.

If you are entering our trials on an as and when you can basis then you will need to read the Supplementary Regulations (SRs) 

 If you are going to be entering eight or more events as part of our closed club trials championship you need to read the Championship Regulations (CRs) 

The trials working group have produced a short document to clarify the rules on trials for new competitors and also for our marshals. 

To download load any of the documents mentioned above click on the following link

Download Event Documents Click Here

The Cross Country Section on of the MSA Blue Book can be viewed in PDF format. Click on the following link.

MSA Blue Book Section P Cross Country Events

 All the sections of the MSA Blue Book can be viewed in PDF format. Click on the following link:-

2017 MSA Blue Book

 A trials set up document has been produced to give an brief guide to what is required when setting out. Click on the link in event documents in the events menu at th top of this page.

 We are looking for people to set up the trails during 2017, those of you that have come forward already are detailed below:-


If you would like to set out at one of trials and your name is not already on the list. Please contact Dave Mercer. 

Date Event Setting Out
Febuary 19th 2017 Hartington Quarry Martin Grindey, Danny Riley
March 19th 2017 Middleton Top James Foster Johnson, Jack Evans
April 16th 2017 Tearsal Joe Moss, Garry Derby
May 21st 2017 Mow Cop Dave Mercer, Richard Mercer
June 18th 2017 Ruston Spencer  
July 23rd 2017 Worrall  
August 19th & 20th 2017 Mosey Low Bob Handley, Martin Grindey
September 17th 2017 Warslow Sam Brough + 1
October 15th 2017 Tearsal/ Patrick's  Mick Muir + 1
November 19th 2017 Hartington Quarry Alaister Moss +1