From the latin for 'beginners', tyros are the entry level event for newcomers and young drivers using standard vehicles. No preparation is necessary as the course is set-out over very mild terrain. We would recommend these events to anybody wanting to start trialling, as it will provide an excellent foundation to gain the required skills for off-road driving. We run a number of these events throughout the year and they also form part of our tyro championship. These events are suitable for novice off-road drivers who want to try driving on grass and mud, and also permissible for youngsters, 13+. Tyros are really good fun; look out for them on the club calendar and please come and give them a go .These events will be open to non Land Rover vehicles a number of invited MSA clubs.

The entry fee for 2017 will be £10

Please make sure you have read the event supplementary regulations, They can be found under event documents in the events tab at the top of the page.